Ocean Theme

Last week in my daycare the theme was the ocean. We had a great time with this theme. Who doesn't love the water? I am going to post the crafts we did, a long with the books we read, and the facts that I used to teach this theme. Enjoy!!

First, let's start with the books we read:
I used the books that were in my daughter's collection that had to with the ocean or as you can see the closest to the ocean as we could get. I work with what I have and the kids loved the books. Notice the Rugrats book? Yeah, my daughter and I love them.

For the first day we made jelly fish. In real life jelly fish aren't friendly looking like this. LOL The kids had a great time making these. They are simple to make and you only need a few supplies.
(Paper Plates, Black & Pink paint, assorted colors of construction paper,and a stapler)
What I did was staple the tentacles on first before we painted. It wasn't a hassle to paint the plates after we stapled those on.

Paper Plate Fish
(Paper Plates,glue,scissors,scrap construction paper, googly eyes)

First you want to cut off a triangle shape wherever you want the mouth to be, with that triangle staple that to back and that's going to be the fishes mouth, you can either let the kids tear or cut the paper how ever they like and then glue the pieces on the plate. Then put it's eye on it. 

Pasta Ocean
(Blue construction paper,pasta[no real prefrence], blue and yellow paint,glue, green construction paper)

The blue paper will be the ocean, let the children cut the green paper to make seaweed and then glue it on the ocean, then let them paint the pasta and glue it on the paper. I had a sea shell stamper that I also let the kids use on this picture. Very simple craft.

I hope you find this post to be helpful! 

-- Juana


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