C is for Cubs (Winter Theme)

To go with our "Winter" theme here at the daycare I am using the free printables available to me through my Clifford Magazine suscripiton. To subscribe visit Www.Scholastic.com/Cliffordmag 
I find it to be worth my money.

Here is the link to the printables I am using today: Winter printables

It goes with this month's magazine

I am changing a few of the directions on the worksheets.
For the "C is For Cub" instead of cotton balls I am using pom poms, those are what I have on hand.
And for the Polar Bear cutting practice, I laminated those and am using those for tracing practice instead. I have 2 yr olds they aren't ready to learn how to cut yet. I will send those home in their folders so they can practice at home too.
Once we are done with the worksheets I will post pics!
Edit here is the "C is For Cubs" worksheet


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