Christmas Theme

Even though Christmas is over with I still need to post what we did for the month of December.
I had a whole month planned out in advanced but with everyones schedule and sick season in full force we didn't get to do much of what I had planned. I did do a couple crafts with the kids but not all of what I had planned.

Here is one of them

Cute, Huh? Excuse the crappy quality I took it with my phone. This is a simple craft that even the toddlers like it. Here is what you will need:
  • Felt or Foam sheets ( I used foam) Brown;Green
  • Buttons ( I ordered a bucket from it had a nice variety)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Christmas Tree outline
  • Marker

  1. Trace the Christmas tree outline on green sheet and cut it out
  2. Then draw a stump on brown sheet
  3. Glue the stump onto green sheet
  4. Put thin lines of glue all over tree( do not worry about how the glue will dry bc you will not be able to see it)
  5. Put buttons wherever you choose
Seems easy enough, right?

I promise next year my Christmas post will be better. I just didn't take the time out this yr to take pictures of our crafts.




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