Water spots be gone!

As a housewife extraordinaire (LOL) I live for cooking,crafting,cleaning and just plain ole' helpful tips. So when I found a cleaning tip on Pinterest I figured I would try it bc it seemed too good to be true.

Do you have stainless steel faucets? Well, I do in my kitchen and main bathroom. I usually clean them with Windex( a tip from my mother). They came out really nice but I could never keep up with those ugly water marks. I was browsing Pinterest one afternoon and came across a post about using wax paper on your faucets to keep the water marks off. So I cleaned my bathroom and like usual I cleaned my faucet (Kohler brand if you are wondering) with Windex and then let it dry and then proceeded to use the wax paper on it. Wah-la! No more water marks to be had. I've used the faucet a few times since I've cleaned and I even dumped water on it, and the water just slides right off and dries with no marks!

This is a something I would definitely try out. Happy Cleaning!

This is the wax paper I used.


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