When Water Freezes (Winter Theme)

Hello everyone! I am back again with a post about my Winter theme. I will probably do one more after this and then it will be time for February's themes (Dental hygiene and Valentine's Day).

This month I got two Clifford magazine's and this week I am using "When Water Freezes"
Today I made a sensory bucket filled with things that keep us warm during the winter season. It had a scarf,gloves,hat and a jacket. The children got to touch the items and then try them on. Here is a photo of what was inside the bucket:

As our craft today we made Button Snowmen a long with a picture here are the instructions and supplies you will need:
Construction paper(blue,white and black)
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners(red)
First you want to cut 3 circles for the snowman's body. Then you glue those onto the blue paper. Next glue the eyes onto the body, then cut the pipe cleaner in half ( I used one to make 2 sets of arms) and glue on the arms. After you are done with that glue buttons onto body, I let the children put them wherever they wanted. Once the children are done putting on the buttons cut out a hat for the snowmen from the black paper. Now for the mouth you can either draw it on like I chose to or let the kids use buttons to make one, either way is cute. Wah-lah you are done!
Today's book is:
I hope my ideas help you with your theme! Be on the look out for one more winter post.


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