Chalkboard art and Instagram


It has been a few weeks since I've done a post. Today is the perfect day for one. Remember when I got engaged and I said I would share some of the crafts and DIY ideas that I had planned. Well here I am with an awesome one.

I know you have seen all over Pinterest the chalkboard art, and you pin it and say "one day I will do this." And then you never look at it again! Well here is a easy peasy way of making one that even I did by myself.

Here's what you need to do:

Right click and save this chalkboard background

The size of this picture is 8x10.

I use Picasa 3 for my photo editing, it's installed on basically every Microsoft computer. If not just go their website and download it.

Here are some links to some FREE chalkboard fonts.

Handy George


Check this website out for a few more fonts

Nest of Posies

Now here is what I made

I am going to print this out on cardstock and then put it in a white vintage-y frame and put it on our gift table. I will post a pic when I have done that!

As the time gets closer more crafts are to come.

Until Next Time,



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