Learning to Brush your Teeth ( Dental Health)

This month our next theme is 'Dental Health'  and today we started our new theme.

Today we focused on brushing our teeth and how to keep them clean. I used my Clifford Mag to reinforce these habits........

We also read "The Tooth Book" by Dr.Seuss

This is our craft- it's perfect to help children learn how to brush their teeth:

Here is what you will need:
  • Manila file folder
  • White paint
  • toothbrush
  1. Cut out a tooth shape- like the one above ( I cut out these 2 from one folder)
  2. Take toothbrush and let children paint the tooth shape
See how easy that is? I always try to make my crafts easy for you and easy for the kids to do on their own.
I hope you enjoy doing this with your daycare.


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