Spring (Preschool theme)

Hello! It's been a little while since I made a post. Today we started our Spring theme, so I decided to put up the activities we did for today up.

We did this rainbow dotter today. I just introduced the children to bingo markers and they are loving it. They need help with staying in the lines so I help each of them one by one.

Rainbow Bingo Marker

We did these fun puzzles also. They are just basic 2 piece puzzles and I think they are great for toddlers who aren't familiar with and who can't do a more complicated puzzle.
You can find them in the spring tot pack (link below)
3Dinosaurs Spring Tot pack

We did a basic prewriting practice. It's very important that children learn to hold and grip early on in life. I also did this with each child on a one on one basis. You can also find this in the spring tot pack.
I also and using 'My Big World with Clifford' as a resource. I suggest this classroom magazine to everyone. It's great!! It also comes with online resources that you can use with your lessons.
I hope you enjoyed this post!!


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