Recipe Binder


My post today is about organizing my recipes. I've been trying to become more organized bc I find that when everything is in order my life goes much smoother.

I cook for my family 5 to 6 nights a week. I taught myself how to cook by finding recipes and just common sense really. I used to print my recipes and put them in a folder, with this method my recipes either have tons of grease or get lost bc my folder fell apart. So when I went to Staples last weekend I bought a couple of the Avery Martha Stewart binders. One of them is being used for a home management binder and until today the other one was just sitting on my computer shelf. I decided hrs ago I was going to make it my Recipe binder.

I found a cute recipe page to go a long with it and I will share that link with you. I bought my dividers and sheet protectors from Dollar General.


Here is the link for the recipe card (I did not make these): 
Recipe Card


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