Letter Recognition

My daughter and one other girl in my daycare will be entering Kindergarten this year, so I made it my mission by the end of the Summer to have them know all of their alphabet and be able to recognize upper and lowercase letters. I also want them to know the sounds. They learned a good amount in school but they both can be better. I found this idea on Pinterest. I ordered these links off Amazon. I am very happy with this set.

I found the letter cards from Prekinders.com

Print the cards out on card stock (trust me you don't want to use regular printer paper.) Then laminate them and punch holes in them. Have the kids use a link on the correct picture (object) that starts with the letter for instance like in the pic- the letter is Ww and the link is on the Watermelon. On the back are self checking pictures for those who play alone.

Click the links below!

Linking Shapes

Letter Cards

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