Apple theme

This week we our theme is Apples. It's duhhh! LOL

This year I haven't done any of the activities or crafts that I did last year. Thank you to Pinterest for having hundreds of ideas that I never have to repeat.

I am still using Clifford My Big World with our themes. It's such a great tool to use in the daycare and classroom setting. I recommend to everyone.

Here are some of the things we have/and will do this week. Links at the bottom like usual:

Here is a great a resource for motor skills. I printed this out on cardstock and laminated it. I let the children use pom poms to fill in the circles. They really enjoyed that. You could also let them trace the letters with  dry erase markers.

Sorry for this picture being turned the wrong way-I use my iphone to upload pics.
This is  plain & simple matching game.
I printed this out on cardstock and laminated and I use the magnet letters and that makes it a Alphabet Matching game!
This right here is a sequencing matching game & I love how it's apples, that's why I chose it.
I printed this letter Aa out on cardstock and let the kids paint away. You could also just color it or cut out paper strips and glue have many different options.
I will put up some crafts later, we will be working on this theme for a couple more days. I just wanted to throw out some ideas.
-more to come


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