Hello my followers!


I can't believe it's over a month since I have blogged. I've been so caught up in life. I am currently busy trying to lose weight (which is a struggle in it's self.) and planning our Disney trip. YES, I said DISNEY trip. We will be going to Disney World in October. I am so SOOOOOO excited. I went once when I was 11 and Jed went once when he was about 4. It's so many details that I can't manage to go one day with out checking and asking the forums on Facebook and the internet. I know this will be a truly magical ride for us.

I plan on taking you on the journey with me!! I will show you everything right down to the packing lists. I mean I had to find everything on my own so I hope that I can make someone else's planning a little easier on them.
Gotta go, I need to check the forums ;)

Until next time,



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