Pampered Chef Hold N Slice review

Hello blogger land,

Today I am coming at ya with a review. I am going to start more of these bc I am a product whore. Self proclaimed if you are wondering....

I love all things new, new make up, new clothes, new food to try, new books, new shoes, new tv shows , new cooking products! The list goes on and on and on and then some. LOL

Today  though I wanted to bring to you my review on the Pampered Chef Hold N Slice. I LOVE Pampered Chef products. They never fail me. I've only had one product I didn't care for and that's bc I wasn't using it properly and now I like it but not in love but still.

I got the Hold N Slice when I had my last Pampered Chef party. It was then a new product that seemed neat. You can stick the prongs inside a piece of meat or I even use it on veggies and fruits to keep a grip on the food while slicing. If you are like me you know how to use a knife but sometimes it slips and you then you are then paranoid for life. I have only one incident with a knife slicing me but it was enough for me. With this product you just stick in it and slice away no worries. It's easy to clean and definitely easy to store.

I give this product 4 1/2 stars (out of 5). 

If you are interested in this Pampered Chef product or any other products please contact my consultant Amy Parker. She is very friendly and well informed on all things Pampered chef.
Tell her Juana sent ya. :)
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