All about Me....


Wow I just realized I never fully introduced myself. So this post is dedicated to getting to know me and some of the things I love.

First off, I am a mother. This is what my life consists of and is my number one focus. I live and breathe for my child. I work because of my child. I make my decisions for my child. I pay my bills because of my child. You might be thinking..."um okkk?"   Every action has a consequence and my actions don't only affect me they affect my child. So I make every action with my child in the back of my mind. Every day I am thankful for having her. She has shown me the real reason for life. She tests my patience, she drives me nuts, she makes very angry, but she is a loving, smart, thoughtful, lively, human being. She makes me smile.

I am a wife. I've been married for almost a year now. I've been with Jedidiah for almost 6 years.  We truly even each other out. We get each other. We also really make each mad. We both understand what we like and don't like. And to be honest this is the first person I feel I can be myself around, who knows my secrets, quirks and pet peeves but still wants to be around me. That makes us perfect for each other, Right?   Jed has served this country, for your freedom. He has two Purple Hearts to show it. I am so proud of this man! But even better than that is, he loves my child, unconditionally, and she's not even his blood. That's how I knew he was a man.

I am childcare provider. I came to be one by searching locally for a job and not being hired by anyone. I had no prior work experience. I realized I wanted to be home with my child but work with children. My dream was to be a teacher but that was being delayed by financial reasons and being a mother. So I went for daycare. I like to think I help these children grow by giving positive discipline, learning and stimulating atmosphere. I get excited to help them grow. I love coming up with new ideas for them to learn and have fun. They have given me the privilege to stay home with my child and watch grow and at the same time watching them grow. I know they test my patience but every day I know I am meant to work with children. It is my dream to one day own a daycare center.

Here are some things I love
  • makeup
  • hair stuff
  • being southern
  • classic nick
  • classic Disney
  • being a mother
  • being a wife
  • yankee candles
  • southern prepiness
  • life
  • GOD.


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