Easy Guacamole

Today I am sharing a EASY guacamole recipe. This recipe came to me through a pinterest pin. I changed it up a bit bc the other had sour cream in it and I am not fond of sour cream. I like it on my baked potatoes and tacos and that's where it stops. It has it's time and place.
This is what you will need for the guacamole

  • Avocados ( I always use 1-2 for a small//medium amount)
  • Salsa ( I use El Paso-Chunky-Mild)
  1. Cut open and slice ripe avocados
  2. Put in food processor ( or blender- I use the Ninja blender/processor bowl)
  3. Add salsa and sour cream if you desire
  4. blend until desired consistency
  5. ENJOY!!!

See how easy that is? I always like to bring you easy recipes but they MUST be delicious. I hope you enjoy!!


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