Easy No Bake Mac N Cheese

It has been a little while since I've shared a recipe with you guys. Yesterday I was craving REAL mac n cheese, not that box kind. I usually make a Paula Deen recipe when I make real mnc. Yesterday, I was trying to do something fast and simple bc I wanted to eat and take my walk. So I came up with this.

Please forgive my pics. My Droid X just doesn't take great pics like my iphone 5 did. It's one thing I miss. Mind you this pic of the mac n cheese is from today, so the  mac n cheese is a day old now. Yesterday is was looking CHEESY and DELCIOUS. My husband had like 3 helpings, that's how I know it was good.

Here is what you will need
  • Shredded Cheese ( I used 2 cups for one box of Rotini noodles)
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Seasonings (Salt,Pepper, Season Salt )
  • Hot Sauce (optional)

  1. Cook pasta until done ( Al Dente style)
  2. Once done put all ingredients in a bowl with pasta.
  3. Milk and Butter is your preference.
  4. enjoy!!
I hope you like this simple recipe that even Kim Kardashian can read and do. LOL



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