Leave Mousekeeping a tip!

If you are planning a Disney World trip you will soon learn ( if you haven't already) that they do not call the housekeepers , housekeepers. They are referred to as mousekeeping. Which is cute. Disney all around.

Many people suggest to leave tips for them even though it's  not required. They suggest $1 per person. We are planning $5 a day even though it's just 3 of us.

If you are like myself then you LOVE the idea of Disneynified mousekeeping envelopes. I mean who wants to just leave the tip on the table with a note?  ;)  

Here are some cute envelopes :

I did not make these. I found these on WDW Prep School. The link below will take you to these. I hope you enjoy.

Mousekeeping envelopes

....more planning resources to come soon. Expect a post about everything I am doing at Disney world too!! I am so excited. We are 24 days out!!


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