Pampered Chef Small Flexible Cutting Mats Review

Hello everyone. Today I coming at cha with a product review.

Today I am reviewing the Pampered Chef Small Flexible Cutting mats. So read on for my personal opinion of these mats.

A couple years back when I had a Pampered Chef party this one of the items I chose with the rewards I had gotten from having a party. I have not regretted this choice. 

You know those time when you need to dice one to three things for dinner but they are small items and you don't feel like getting your big cutting board all dirty? Yeah these are perfect for that. I LOVE these mats.  They work perfectly for small jobs. They even have a measuring ruler on the top and bottom.  I have never utilized that but it's still convenient for those of us who cook on a daily basis and make things from scratch. 

I give these a 5 out 5 stars. I use all three daily and they really hold up. I would recommend these to everyone.


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