Unboxing of Boodle Box One: January 2015

Hello everyone!!
It has been awhile since I last posted and since then my old laptop crashed and died. That is my reason for not updating my blog and such. For Christmas I received a Macbook Air. My husband surprised me with one!! Thank you to him!

Anyhow, back in November I bought my daughter a subscription to the monthly box of goodies called Boodle Box!! It is a monthly subscription (DUH!) geared toward girls 5 and up. We get Boodle Box one since my daughter is 7. She LOVED her first box which came in December. It was filled with awesome stuff. I decided I would film her unboxing the next ones she gets. So here we are with her first unboxing and my first iMovie :)

Please bare with us as we learn the ins and outs of this vlogging and editing thing. Stay Tuned because I plan on doing more reviews and my daughter too via youtube!

Check below for links to Boodle Box!! TRUST ME-- you will love it and so will your little girl!!


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