American Girl Doll Organazition

Hey guys!!

Today I am blogging about American Girl Dolls. My daughter is really into American Girl dolls. Her collection is growing very fast. So I am trying to find cute and creative ways to organize it all. Once I get a better a camera I will blog about some of the cool things I've done in her room.

You know those stands that American Girl sells? Well they are around $18 a piece and if you have more than one doll that can become pricey. So I came up with an idea after browsing a thirty one catalog and looking at pics on pinterest.

I took a "Perfect Fit Organizer" in the pattern Coral Mini Gingham from thirty one and did this with it:

This is collection so far, so when we get more dolls (which will be GOTY Grace) I will get another one of these. I can zip and place it under her bed or even in her closet. It seems like you can stack them on top of each other also for maximum organizing and room. I found mine on eBay brand new for cheaper than retail and that is with shipping. 

So... I hope this helps and brings you a new way to store these awesome dolls.

Till Next time!!


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