Art of Animation Review

Hello Everyone! It has been a hot minute since I've been on here. If I am going to have a lifestyle blog maybe I should actually blog, right?

Today, I am finally getting to reviewing our Disney trip we took back in October. Let me just this right off the bat, we LOVED it. As, I type this I am planning our next trip for December 2016. We decided every 2 years is attainable and affordable. You can book for 2016 starting on June 22nd. I'm in there like applesauce.

I am going to review things on a few different posts so it's not one looooong post. Anyhow, let's get started. We stayed at the new value resort Art of Animation, it is now 2 years old. We stayed in the Little Mermaid standard rooms. It is the one all the way in the back.

When we first arrived we went to get checked in. I chose to do the online check in because I knew what time we would get there and it would be earlier than the 2pm regular check in. We did not want to wait till then bc my husband would/and did drive 13 straight hrs to Florida from Virginia. He needed to rest and my daughter and I wanted to do Downtown Disney. It would be the only day we could fit it in.
So we went to check in and there wasn't a room ready, but they did end up finding us a room 5 minutes later on the very far end in the waaaay back. We took it bc we were desperate. Everything else at check in went smoothly and the lady was very friendly and helpful. 

Once we got into the room we immidialtey liked it. It was a standard room so limited room but I mean we knew that coming in. The decor was very cute and the bathroom was nice. Overall we liked it. We wouldn't spend much time in it so we didn't feel too cramped. However, when I looked at the curtain that you can close over the bathroom section ( as you see in this photo) I noticed there were blood spots on it. The room itself was clean. It felt clean too. That caught me off guard though and found icky. So advice to Disney clean those too. 

On the little Mermaid end they have their own pool section. It's medium and really never crowded. So that's nice. But it's about a 3-4 5 minute tops trek to the nemo pool and dining hall, which also leads to the shops and front entrance. Even after a long day I didn't mind the walking it wasn't the end of the world. You get to walk through the Lion King section and see their statues and it's "playground."

Our one BIG complaint was the bus system. It was so slow. It was just for AOA too. They have their own buses so I couldn't understand that. We allotted time for such things so we were never late but still it's an annoyance.  We would watch every resort get a bus three times before one even came for AOA. And then not even everyone could fit bc going after that long without a steady stream of buses going to and fro there was a buildup.

The dining hall was nice too. I only ate there once or twice but it was nice. I can't give a full review on that area bc I didn't really utilize it.

All in all we loved the resort and it will be "our" resort from here on out. It felt magical , like a dream right down the carpets and the shops. All the details really made me giddy.

I give this resort a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Here are some pics and videos I found useful.

I chose to use stock photos bc I didn't want to use our personal ones with us posing in this post.


Until Next time.


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