Hollywood Studios Hollywood and Vine Restaurant Review

Hey guys. I'm back with another review from our Disney World trip.

Today I am reviewing our experience at the restaurant Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood Studios.
I chose this one for breakfast to meet the Disney Jr. characters. They had Jake, Sofia, Doc and one other one I forgot. So let's get started!

First off, we chose this one to get into park earlier. It was nice walking down the park with barely anyone there. Well when we got there which was right at our reservation they weren't calling anyone yet so it seemed like 15 mins or so before they let us in.

The buffet is just like any other buffet in the World. It was nothing special but plenty of options. I can't remember exactly what I got but it was a variety. I didn't eat till I felt stuffed bc I made it a point not to over eat bc I didn't want to be miserable walking around in the heat. So I ate till I was content and able to last till Lunch. My daughter and husband indulged every time. But I mean your at Disney right?

The characters made their rounds and it seemed within 20 minutes we had seen them all. I give that part a 5 out 5. It was fast but we were given enough time to interact.

Now, everything was peachy keen up until we left. We went and did a few things but about an hour later. I started to feel sluggish and sweat more than usual. My stomach started to feel VERY nauseous. I kept trekking on bc I thought maybe my PCOS was acting up and I refused to let it get me down. Every smell was making me dry heave. By the time our lunch reservation for 50s Prime time Cafe rolled around I knew I had to leave.

We sat through lunch and I ordered the meatloaf meal, which was so horrible in taste. I barely ate any but even I wasn't feeling sick I still wouldn't have liked it.  Our waiter was really nice and I am sorry I seemed like a grouch ( even though I barely uttered any words or lifted my head from the table). I knew then I had food poisoning bc my body was so cramped, it took all of my energy to even get off the chair.

We left after that and went back to the resort bc I needed to rest. It happen to be one of the hottest days so my daughter wanted to go swimming, so off her and my husband went when I laid down. It seems 5 minutes after they left I started to projectile vomit. It was non stop from there for almost an hour.

We made the decision to return to the park to do our dinner reservation, at guess where?!?! Hollywood and Vine. I knew I wasn't going to eat so we asked if we could save the credit they wouldn't let us. Which royally ticked me off bc I didn't even request a drink. So that's what $60 down the drain?

We also skipped Fantasmic, which I literally cried on the way back to resort about bc I planned our trip around that. The time frame we were there they only did it twice bc of events and marathons and it was the only showing we could make and we had to miss it. I am still not over it.

All in all , I would give this place a 2 bc the breakfast gave me food poisoning but the character meets were one of the best based on time and interaction. I would not recommend this place to anyone and we will never step foot in it again.



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