St.Ives Voxbox

Hello! It has been so long since I have posted. Lawd, I am truly sorry!! 

Today I am here with a review of Influenster Voxbox I received.
I cam across Influenster through a friend. You receive FREE products for testing purposes. I said SIGN ME UP!! I love products and I LOVEEEE FREE!! :):)

This one was a box of full size St.Ives lotion, body wash and face wash/mask.

Body Wash: I LOVED this body wash. It smelled great and nice on my skin. I will be buying this again. It has a nice lather also.

Lotion: I didn't like this at all. The smell was not good. The consistency of the lotion felt like water. I like my lotions to be a little ticker. My daughter loved it though. I gave it to her since she liked it so much. It did work nice on her eczema. I would buy this again but in a different scent.

Face Wash/Mask: I was most excited for this one. I love facial washes. When I put this on the smell was great. I started to put it on and I liked the grainy feel. As I kept it on it started to burn my skin. I tried to leave on for at least five minutes for the mask to take affect but it burnt so bad. It says it leaves your skin moisturized but my skin felt very dry. I will not be purchasing this product. I wish I liked it bc I was really excited for this.

**** I received these products FREE for testing purposes. 

If you would like to sign up for FREE here is a link!!!



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