Bento Box Lunches

Hi everyone!! I hope every one has been doing Ok. Today I am in blog overload. I have a ton of posts to do and this is one I've been meaning to do.

This post is about some of the lunches I make my daughter for school. I use the Yumbox and Planetbox systems. I am not going to do a review on those today but be on the look out for those reviews soon.

I do fancy lunches and I do simple ones. Here are some of my simple ones. I do pack sandwiches for my daughter but not often. I also have certain rules I go by when packing my daughter's lunches.

  • No overly sugared food
  • No overly processed food
  • must be balanced and nutritious
  • no packaged lunchable junk
  • must have FRESH fruit or vegetables every day -- I do NOT give my daughter the fruit cups
  • no soda or drinks like capri sun-- I give my daughter Honest Kids juice/Silk Soy milk & water 

This lunch is was a simple "kabob"

I put cheese,grape tomatoes and salami on the skewers. I found the skewers at the Dollar Tree. The rest is pretty self explanatory. She has grapes, almonds and that popcorn is Bow Chicka Bow ( is that the correct name, lol?) popcorn. I do not buy any other brand of popcorn besides the simply balanced brand. I don't get down with that other junky kind.

This lunch is a pretty simple one to see also. I made the mini pizza out of a piece of wheat bread. I took a circle cookie cutter and cut out two. As you can see she got pudding that day. On occasion I will give her a treat. This pudding has less sugar than most other puddings and this is why I buy it. It also has less ingredients than the others too.

This is what I call Pasta and Peas. My daughter loves both so I made this invention for her. LOL
I just but a tad bit of her fave dressing on it. We used Ken's Light Caesar on it. She LOVED it. I put maybe a teaspoon on it. Those flower shapes in the red liner are Cucumbers. She also has Almonds and Cashews in the green liner. Her treat for that day was the Annie's fruit roll up. When Annie's came out with those I skipped for joy bc finally a less sugary version than actual "fruit" roll ups. Now my daughter could have a roll up too. We don't buy the other ones, too nasty and full of crap. I am not saying the Annie's are healthy but it's a better option.

The last lunch in this post is a regular for my daughter. She has grilled chicken. We love grilled chicken so we eat it once a week or so.
The rest are simple enough to know what they are.

I sure hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully you got some ideas from the pictures. Be on the look out for more. I pack lunch everyday and take pics most days. If you want to see them daily follow my instagram (link below).

My IG: JVandeloecht90



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