Kasha Go Lean Review

I received a FREE sample of Kashi Go lean cereal and a granola bar from Pinch Me ( link will be below).

Granola Bar- At first I wasn't sure about this bar. Many bars claim to be healthy but yet aren't. My whole family tried this bar and we liked it. I may buy it here and there but not all the time. It tasted very good actually but they syrup that holds it together is a turn off.

Cereal- Kashi is known for their healthier cereals compared to the other brands on the market. This one was ok. It is filled with a lot  healthy seeds and such. So yes, this is way better for you than most cereals, especially the leading "healthy" brand of Special K. I am not sure if I will buy this at all.

That's my review for these products. I'll be back soon with more reviews.





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