52 List: Week Three

Hey guys! I am here with week three of the #52listsproject

This week's project were the happiest moments of your life so far. Which I was excited about this list. I already knew some of the moments that made me the happiest.

Of course the first and foremost, the birth of my daughter, Emma. At the time I was 17 but she truly changed me and made my life full of purpose. There isn't a thing that could top that day; that moment.

The other moments in my life were my marriage, going to Disney World, becoming pregnant with my daughter Mallory. We tried for 6 years and many fertility treatments. To actually be pregnant right now is a nothing short a true miracle of God.

My last moment is the moment my brother became sober. He struggled many years with addiction. It was hard on this family but hard on him too. We watched him struggle with not wanting to be on drugs. So last year when went back (yes he did a couple stints) to rehab after a few overdoses, it gave this entire family peace. He is near his one year mark and still going strong. That is a VERY happy moment for me. He chose life.

I feel like there are more happy moments but these ones really are my favorite. They are all big ones too me. They put a smile on my face. 

I am ready for week four and thinking of what to put down. Tune in next week to see what I chose! :)



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