52 Lists: Number Two

Hello All! I am back with list number 2! This list was a neat one. You had to name favorite characters from movies, books, and tv shows.

Here are my choices:

For shows I picked some of my faves. The first one is Tony Soprano. I am big fan of The Sopranos. Tony was my favorite from the show. I was very attracted to his character. It may be because in a sense he reminds me of my husband.  The only differences are the killing, cheating, disrespect, money laundering, mob boss, and the lady therapist. LOL! Beyond all that Tony was mans man and I am attracted to those.

I won't go into detail about the rest. You can see who I chose. All for different reasons. These aren't all of them just some.

All my favorites made me feel something. Whether it be laughter, sadness, and beyond-they made me feel something inside.

I am starting on week three! Come back next week to see what it is. 



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