Limelife Disney Planner||

Hey all! I am here with a review| first impression of the Limelife Planner for Disney World.
I am going to Disney for a 8 night|7 day stay. We will be staying in at the All Star Movies resort. I need a place to keep all my plans and write them down. This planner is perfect. I have attached some pictures but this planner offers a lot.

The planner starts at $26. If you go to the end of this post you will see a link that will give you a $10 off code!

The planner starts off with a 8 day stay but you have the options of adding more days.

Here is the cover. How cute, right?
This is the inside cover. I love the bright coloring.

The planner has a bucket list and a budget list. These will come in handy.

My first review|impression of this planner is.... I LOVE it. It's very Disney esque. the colors are very bright and cheery. It has plenty of space to write all your info. I will do another review when I fill it up and do more inside of it. 

one more thing I like is the slimness of the notebook. It can easily be set in a backpack when you are disney and take up little to no room.


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